What is Sculpted Paint?

Q: What do you mean by “Sculpted Paint”?

A: Frustrated with the limitations posed by available art processes, United Artworks has developed a system for producing polychrome sculpture that is highly detailed, lightweight, durable, fade-resistant, and cleanable as well. We call it Sculpted Paint, although it contains more than just paint. While the exact procedure is our trade secret, basically it involves hand painting in reverse with special paints into molds, building up layers from the surface backwards to form a shell that is filled with a lightweight plastic material and sealed up with more layers of paint, etc. Thus the paint itself becomes the detail, instead of covering it up. This system has proved useful for producing relief sculptures as well as interior architectural ornaments, art objects, and jewelry. Capable of reproducing the finest textures, and readily accepting insets in other materials, it has broadened the range of output options for my juxtamorphic style while constituting a new medium in its own right, halfway between painting and sculpture.

by Andrew Werby

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