Juxtamorphic Art

Q: What the heck is Juxtamorphic art?

Art and Architecture—a Link Destroyed

Q: Is there a link between art and architecture?

Is Beauty Possible?

Q: What do you mean by “the beauty of nature”? Where do I find it in Manhattan?

The Amateur Tradition: The Place of Art vs. Sport in America

Q: When can an artist be considered a professional? Is amateur art as good?

Art and Pleasure

Q: Can I expect to get pleasure from art, like I get from music?

Art Criticism

Q: Should criticism of one’s work be a positive or negative experience, or both? Is this really what people go to art school for? Is any critical mention better than none?

Art as an Investment

Q: If I wanted to spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on original art, both as an investment and to decorate my house, what should I buy, and why?

Art Theories

Q: What art theories of today are going to reverse the marginalization of visual art and help it survive into the future?

The Higher Education of a Jeweler

Q: Is it worthwhile getting a college education if I want to be a jeweler? Which is better, Tyler or the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)? What about Yale?