Juxtamorph.com — United Artworks is committed to assisting other artists overcome technical issues in the production of their work. Andrew Werby, United Artwork’s principal, is a well-known artist and sculptor whose work spans a large number of media. For years, he has advised other artists on the technical aspects of their craft and has developed a prized internet resource for artists seeking information on the technical aspects of casting, mold-making, and numerous other topics.

ComputerSculpture.com — United Artworks is composed of working artists who use the tools they sell. Andrew Werby’s own journey with CNC technology led to the development of Juxtamorph’s sister website, ComputerSculpture.com. Computer Sculpture sells the tools necessary to create physical objects through the use of computers. Computer Sculpture has made deals with manufacturers which allow it to sell these tools at a substantial discount; usually lower than buying directly from the factory. If you compare the prices at Computer Sculpture, you’ll find that it offers the best deal on the Internet for most of its products.

andrew@juxtamorph.com or (510) 568-4298.