Controlling a Kiln

Q: What can I do to control the temperature of my kiln and make it more like an oven?

A: Any of the commercial “burnout controllers” such as the Gesswein kilnminder, can do this. Ceramic supply companies sell them too. Or you can get industrial controllers, from companies like Omega, that will do the same thing. Prices usually start, for a programmable one, at around $400 or so. maybe less, depending on what capabilities, such as ramping or the like, you may need. You might check the yellow pages for industrial process control electronics, or find the Omega ad in the back of various magazines where such industrial process controls are advertised. Another place to look would be the Thomas Register. Either use the books themselves (your local library would have it) or go through their web site.

by Peter W. Rowe M.F.A., G.G.