Compressed Natural Gas

Q: It seems that if I use propane to run my torch indoors, I’ll be violating all sorts of regulations and voiding my insurance. What do people do if they want to solder indoors?

A: How about simply not using propane, but rather natural gas? You’re not limited to using it in places with an external municipal natural gas supply. You can get bottled natural gas from welding gas suppliers. Tanks look much like all the other regular tanks, such as for oxygen, or other compressed gases. I’d expect it to be subject to the usual rules for compressed gases, or to limits on how municipal gas supplies are handled, but it shouldn’t be subject to rules specific to propane, since it’s not propane. But as a fuel in your torch, it will behave much the same. Perhaps even a little better.

by Peter W. Rowe M.F.A., G.G.