Adjusting the Hoke Torch

Q: I have a new Hoke torch set up for oxy-propane. But the little knobs for adjusting the flame won’t stay at the setting I have chosen, but keep sliding back at least half a turn. Is there something I can do about this?

A: They just don’t make em like they used to, huh. The current manufacturing on the Hokes (in China, I think) is a bit sloppy. But you probably can help things a lot by adjusting the tension on the nuts that clamp the knobs to the torch. Those are the hex nuts that the knobs extend from. Tightening them down, or loosening them up, changes the tension on the knobs, which may not be perfect, but should adjust to work better than you describe. They’re quite similar to the “packing” nuts on kitchen faucets.

by Peter W. Rowe M.F.A., G.G.